Campus Involvement

Whether it is our national/local philanthropies or another local cause, giving back and staying involved on and off campus is something that is very close to our hearts!  This past year alone, our sisters accumulated 1,067 outside service hours and more than half of all of our sisters are in clubs outside of Greek Life. 

Here are just a few of the many ways our organization actively stays involved!

-Campus RA's-

Few of our sisters are RA's for the Campus' Dorms and the hall just for Panhellenic life -- Appalachian Panhellenic Hall (APH). 

-Appol Corps Leaders-

"APPalachian Orientation Leader Corps (Appol Corps) is a program that equips student leaders to serve as orientation leaders during Welcome Weekend each August. These student leaders welcome new students to Appalachian and assist in theri transition to college life through fun and engaging activities." 


Many of sisters to the opportunity to be apart of Appol Corps this year and help incoming students feel welcome and get to the our beautiful campus and the clubs/organizations we have to offer!


-Club Leaders-

On of the most amazing things about our sisterhood, is the amount of different clubs and organizations that we are all in and in even hold positions for! One of sisters, Stephanie Dawson, even co-founded the Disneyneers club!

Here's a short list of the club/oranizations many of sisters are apart of: 

Sister's Name Club/Origzation Name Position
Zoe James App State Community for the Odyssey Online Editor in Chief
Catherine Nachand Rotaract Club Secretary
Sarah Pelmutter Peace and Genocide Education Club Secretary
Keylen Renteria Disneyneers Treasurer
Megan Barlow Disneyneers Event Planner
Stephanie Dawson Disneyneers Student Advisor
Stephanie Dawson Global Bridges VP of Fundraising
Stephanie Dawson Pre-Health Conference  Advertising Chair
Ashley Bard APH Hall Council Vice President
Sophie Dano APH Hall Council Eco Rep.
Emmah Hollrah Applied Design Industrial Design: Product Rep.









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